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Passion Partners – Growth marketing agency
We create and implement unique marketing strategies in digital sphere
We build a strong connection with the target audience, create brand identity and communication guidelines. We increase the company's awareness and engagement rate
We increase sales, build processes from scratch or optimize them by engaging and retaining customers
We analyze data, verify hypotheses, move from one sprint to another, realizing flexible methodologies during the whole process

How we do it?

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  • Learning about a product and its processes. The fact of sales, feedback from users and the results of marketing actions are important for us

  • Analysis of market, competitors and target audience segments

  • Building monetization model. We set relevant goals and create strategies with you

  • Strategy implementation and its adjustments
We believe that business growth
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Expansion of the sales funnel of the b2b2c for a platform Domopult
Domopult is a management system for management companies and homeowners associations
- We conducted an audit of customer acquisition and client's retention
- We conducted in-depth interviews with current clients
- Modelled the client's path with KPI for each stage
- Implemented a data-driven approach to marketing management

Result: lead generation was increased in 5 times, sales were risen in 2,5 times
PR support, event and content marketing
UnSpot is a smart agile office system
- We developed and implemented a PR strategy
- Publications about the company were initiated in RusBase, Generalniy Director, ComNews, ItWeek
- Our posts reached more than 1,000 reads per day on the VC website.
- All articles were selected as the editor's preferable choice on Spark
Market Research and Marketing Strategy Development
GLONASS is a Russian space-based satellite navigation system
- The list of 10 key hypotheses for product creation was formed and confirmed by case studies
- Developed a marketing strategy, including fin. planning with marketing payback points, to bring IT-products to the Russian market
- Created a visual style for the brand
Autostels Rebranding
Autostels is a company specialised in the production of foreign auto parts
We created a logotype and brand identity for a company operating in the market of wholesale deliveries of auto parts and auto components
Integrated Marketing, HR Functions, and Mentoring
TOUCH is an electric car charging station manufacturer
- Elaboration of communication and marketing strategies
- Setting up of the end-to-end analytics
- Systematisation and cooperation of the lead generation process from ads channels from scratch
- Packed social networking according to the communication strategy and brandbook
- Rising in sales to 53% within 3 months due to the complex marketing and brand awareness
Strategic and Integrated Marketing
Tahoban is a Russian-based company specialised on sales and installation of tachographs for heavy goods vehicles
- Marketing strategy for next 5 years was developed, taking into consideration the growth and ROI in marketing
- A qualitative study was carried out, with the help of which a detailed portrait of the target audience was formed. In addition, CJM and a communication strategy were elaborated
- The flow of lead generation was systematised and organised
- Average monthly margin increased by 2.5 times in 7 months
Integrated Marketing
EasyCare is a home staff recruitment service
- Implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy
- Formulated the USP of the company, its mission and values
-Implemented systematic activity on social networks
-Partnership marketing was built during the work
- The number of target customers was increased
- Organised a media outlet in the RBC column "Own business"

Integrated Marketing
Video production Artifact Zone
- Developed a landing page consists of landing page structure, copywriting, design development
- Prepared grid design for Instagram and packaged social networks (Instagram, Facebook, VK). Conducted detailed SMM with the preparation of a content plan, copywriting, posting, next moderation
- Received a positive market response to the packaged product before the blocking of TikTok and Instagram in Russia
- We implemented a complete repackaging of the product and redirected customer acquisition channels in the second half of March 2022

Attracting New Users to the Ed-Tech Service Ecosystem
Leoni is a service for the development of children
- We conducted in-depth interviews with current clients and built CJM
- Defined growth points
- Formed recommendations for strengthening the sales funnel
- Set up the process of testing hypotheses to attract new users
- We built end-to-end analytics
Corporate Identity
HB is an online hotel booking service for travel agents
- Conducted a briefing with the client
- Developed the structure and design

Result: a new presentation in brand style was created


Polina Seliverstova
Heart and soul of the team

Ekaterina Turykina
Head of client marketing
Mind and realization force for all projects
Yana Gorfan
Analyzer and strategist of everything
Valery Shagdarova
Project manager
Our empathy and speed

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