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Urban farm Greeneration

Greeneration - technology farm, food-tech company & lab for innovative chefs.

Specialize in the cultivation and distribution of a variety of specialty greens and ingredients. With extensive experience in growing and supplying microgreens, rare crops, ingredients, and food products, the company has entered a new market in the UAE.


The company's market entry, working on brand recognition, and building a database of potential clients.


  1. Creating the company's website
  2. Setting up accounts on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)
  3. Collecting semantics and SEO for the website
  4. Developing a high-converting landing page
  5. Launching targeted advertising
  6. Testing hypotheses with variations of advertising campaigns
  7. Attracting targeted audience traffic to the website and social media through Meta Business

Project specifics:

  1. The specificity of the products (microgreens, edible flowers, etc.) required in-depth market research.
  2. The client tasked our team with attracting a narrow expert audience of high-end chefs in the city of Dubai.
  3. Promoting a new and unfamiliar company in the UAE market is necessary.
  4. Business orientation towards the B2B segment.

Results achieved in 6 months:

  • Conducted 27 CustDev interviews with chefs in Dubai
  • Increased the number of social media followers х 2.7
  • Boosted page visitors on social media х 228
  • Established a potential client base from 185 targeted contacts

Here's how we did it:

  1. Conducted market and competitor research in Dubai, UAE.
  2. Conducted 27 CustDev interviews with representatives of the narrow target audience - high-end restaurant chefs in Dubai. Identified needs, created customer profiles, and developed Customer Journey Maps (CJM).
  3. Created the company's website and established pages on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Set up an advertising account on Meta Business.
  4. Identified 3 suitable audiences with minimal overlap. Used appropriate messaging for each audience in creatives.
  5. Developed creative sets for hypothesis testing: brand introduction, website invitations, product familiarity.
  6. Launched advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads to drive traffic to the accounts and website, aiming to generate trial sample requests from chefs.
  7. Tested hypotheses regarding the effectiveness of directing traffic to the website's landing page and direct community messaging on Instagram and Facebook.
  8. Developed a semantic core related to the products, business, interests of managers, and restaurant, hotel, and club chefs. Utilized this semantic core for website SEO and published materials.
  9. Prepared an adapted email strategy for working with the client database.


1. When launching a specific product onto the market, thorough market, competitor, and potential customer research is necessary.
2. Utilizing the LinkedIn platform in the UAE is effective for establishing business contacts with the target audience for conducting CustDev.
3. Conducting CustDev plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's development strategy in the online environment and in future product distribution (creating CJMs, customer profiles, forming empathy maps for the product).
4. Basing the findings of the research allows for the creation of targeted creatives for targeted advertising on Meta Business, which is reflected in the results of advertising campaigns.
5. The comprehensive work of specialists in strategy, SEO, web design, SMM, email marketing, and targeting yields impressive results during the product launch preparation period.