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business school Present Perfect

Present Perfect is an executive coaching business school, a space for advanced exploration of coaching approaches, design, and development of one's coaching practice.


Explore the market and target audience, repackage the product, launch, and support digitally.


  1. Conducting in-depth interviews for qualitative research of the target audience
  2. Analysis of media consumption questionnaires
  3. Developing Customer Journey Maps (CJM) for selected segments
  4. Creating a promotion media plan
  5. Configuring and utilizing call tracking to monitor inbound calls
  6. Establishing comprehensive analytics
  7. Auditing the current website and preparing recommendations
  8. Preparing texts and website structure for the company
  9. Website and landing page design for programs
  10. Webinar content planning
  11. Promotion of webinars
  12. Email campaigns to all existing databases and contacts
  13. Developing content plans for social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook), analyzing activity, and adjusting strategy
  14. Performance marketing - testing and managing contextual advertising campaigns

Project specifics:

  1. The product's specificity (qualification courses and coaching programs) required in-depth market research.
  2. The client tasked our team with analyzing and identifying effective traffic acquisition channels for a niche audience of coaches across different geographic locations.
  3. Comprehensive marketing support - from research to scaling the company.

Results achieved in 11 months:

  • As part of A/B testing for contextual advertising, we launched 44 ad campaigns.
  • Achieved high conversion to the targeted action from banner ads - 3.36%.
  • Tested paid posts on Telegram with a lead conversion rate of 12.96%.
  • Conducted email campaigns resulting in an open rate of 55%.

Here's how we did it:

  1. Conducted market and competitor research.
  2. Developed CJM (Customer Journey Maps).
  3. Created and tested sales funnels.
  4. Developed creatives for A/B testing (contextual, email, social media).
  5. Performed a digital marketing activities audit.
  6. Formulated a communication strategy for product promotion.
  7. Established Instagram and Facebook accounts, devised content plans for channel launches.
  8. Developed creative groups to test hypotheses: brand introduction, product familiarity in context, targeting, email marketing.
  9. Designed the concept for conducting effective webinars and initiated a series of projects.


  1. When introducing a specific product to the market, in-depth research of the market, competitors, and potential customers is essential.
  2. Conducting prompt A/B testing of hypotheses enables adjustments to the sales funnel and the selection of focus in the marketing strategy for product promotion.
  3. A narrow target audience within the selected market segments of Eastern Europe and Central Asia interacted most effectively with product advertising messages through specialized social media channels (Telegram, Meta).
  4. Based on research findings, tailored creatives were developed for efficient contextual and targeted advertising in Meta Business, MyTarget, and Yandex/Direct.
  5. The comprehensive collaboration of strategy specialists, analysts, web designers, SMM, email marketing, and targeted advertising has delivered impressive results during market research and company expansion into international markets.